Clean Eating Recipes

Eating clean doesn’t have to be boring. I’m always looking for great recipes and love the challenge of making the not-so-healthy favorites of my past clean, whole and nutritious. Take a look at all the recipes that keep us on the right path.


Weekly Food Prep

Set yourself up for success, designate one day to prep your meals for the whole week. Having healthy options readily available at all times will ceratinly help keep you from having an unplanned cheat session. 

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Train Hard

Our fitness goals can change from one season to the next. Find our most favorite indoor and outdoor workouts that helped us reach those goals.


DIY Home Gym Equipment

You don’t have to spend your entire savings on equipment for your home gym. Follow our lead and just do it yourself! You’ll save a ton of money and earn yourself some bragging rights. 


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The Quest For 200Lbs

The Quest For 200Lbs

Well for those who have been with us on our journeys it has be reached, I conquered my quest to be a grown ass man, yes to quote again "A man isn't worth a damn under 200lbs" and I made it. not going to lie, took awhile and I'm proud to say I stayed pretty lean too....

Barbells, Stripper Heels, and 200k

Barbells, Stripper Heels, and 200k

It struck me this morning as I was walking into my office building struggling to maneuver my way through the 3 very heavy doors carrying my backpack, 6 pack bag, gallon of water, and shaker cup, that I would be walking onto an brightly lit stage in 5" heels and some...


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