Week 10 came to an end and I am exhausted! The new push/pull/leg split I started kicked my butt in the best way possible. My new short term goal is to keep up this momentum for the next two weeks so I can take some progress pics that actually show that I’ve made progress. Our vacation, and my inability to control my inner-foodie really set me back, but I am determined to make up for it during what little time I have left of this challenge. 

Another goal I set for myslef last week was to not cheat for the next 2 consecutive weeks. This may not seem like much, but when it comes to food, I am notorious for sneaking in little snacks here and there or taking a bite or two of what’s left of the kids’ plates. These little bites really add up when it’s all said and done, so if I want to be at my best, I have to cut out the things I know hinder my progress.

I’m excited for the last two weeks of the Challenge. I will continue with the Push/Pull/Leg split until the end, changing only the amount of cardio/HIIT I do on non-leg days. If you are curious to see what this split looks like, here are the first three workouts of my week. 

The second half of my week also consists of a similar push/pull/leg split, but I do higher reps with less weight and switch up a couple of the exercises. For some extra HIIT/cardio, I may take a walk outside at lunch (if it’s nice) or fit in one of Jamie Eason’s at home sessions. It’s pretty fun and definitely gets the heart pumping, I absolutely recommend giving it a shot. Jamie Eason 15

I hit a big milestone this week with the amount of weight that I lifted. I’ve never actually set aside a day to see what my 1 rep max may be on any lift. Justin tries to get me to do it, but, honestly, I see no point. That being said, I do still care about the amount I lift and always try to increase the weight whenever I can. So, this week I thought I would try to start my Giant Drop Set for barbell squats (on my Wednesday Leg Day) at 170 lbs. Looking back in my old log entries, I’ve only ever squatted 165 for 2 reps and I remember that being a little scary. I hit the 170 for 5 reps with no problem and finished the other 4 sets dropping the weight 5 lbs each time. I finished strong and then gave myself a big pat on the back! I can’t wait to see if I can hit 175 on my next leg day!

If you’re interested in seeing exactly what I did, here are my Week 10 Log Entries…

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