Looking for a quick, kick-your-butt cardio routine?

All you need is a bench and fifteen minutes! 

I took a lesson from Jamie Eason’s 15 Minute Home Routine that I loved doing for some extra cardio during the 100k Challenge. Now, I’ve taken that routine and changed it up a bit to make it a little more intense and challenging. I’m usually dripping with sweat afterwards. It’s crazy what 15 minutes of HIIT will do you!

Bench HIIT


Since it takes such a short amount of time to complete, I love doing this little HIIT session on my lunch break. It really gets my blood pumping again after sitting at my desk all morning. I usually warm-up with a quick 1/4 mile walk before I begin, and if I have time afterwards I’ll walk some more to cool down. (Really, I just like the extra time to soak up some more sun for my tan!) 

Most of these exercises are pretty self-explanatory, like jumping jacks, squats, and those fun-loving burpees. A couple of the less obvious exercises are explained below. If you have any questions about any other exercise listed here or on any of our other workouts, just ask!

Lying Leg Raises w. Hip Thrust

Muscles Worked: Abdominals

  1. Sit on the bench with your butt to the edge, then lay back
  2. Grasp the bench up by your head for stability
  3. Extend your legs straight out level with your body, keeping your knees and feet together (starting position)
  4. Slowly raise your legs up until they are at a 90 degree angle with your body
  5. Once you reach 90 degrees, lift your pelvis off the bench as high as possible
  6. Lower your pelvis back down, and slowly lower your feet back to the starting position
  7. Repeat

Side-to-Side Bench Jumps

Muscles Worked: Legs & Shoulders

  1. Start by standing on one long side of the bench
  2. Place both hand on top of the bench, and stand with your feet slightly further back than your hips
  3. While keeping your hands on the bench, and using your arms and should as support, jump both legs over to the other side of the bench
  4. Bend your knees in the air keeping your legs close togethre and being careful to clear the bench fully with your legs
  5. Land with your knees bent and hands still on the bench
  6. Continue to jump back and forth until all reps are completed

The bench pictured is the Stamina Outdoor Fitness Bench, one of several cool items in the Outdoor Fitness line. Shameless promotion of the company I work for, but I gotta do it! 


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