For the longest time (eh em, almost 30 years!) I wouldn’t eat fruit. Bananas were about the only thing I could stand. I didn’t like the flavor, and I couldn’t deal with some of the textures. A great example is watermelon…eating watermelon feels like what I imagine eating cobwebs would feel like. Apples or pears (anything with any kind of grit to it) is like eating flavored dirt. Then there’s strawberries…the seeds, my goodness, they’re so crunchy and distracting! 

I still can’t eat watermelon, or apples, but now that I’ve been eating clean for while, I’ve really turned a new leaf. I actually have to make an effort to limit my fruit consumption so I don’t go overboard on sugar and carbs. I’m not sure I’ll ever eat French Toast again without a mound of strawberries on top, and any time we have a party or gathering you can bet I’ll be making a fruit salad and GF Lemon Poppyseed Cookies

But instead of just cutting up a bunch of fruit and throwing it in a bowl, take it to the next level with this really simple, super fast, Orange Kiss…all you need is 3 ingredients!

Orange-Kissed Strawberries

Orange-Kissed Strawberries
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  1. 1 Orange, zested and juiced
  2. 2 T Honey
  3. Pinch of Ground Cardamom (optional)
  4. Fruit of your choice
  1. In a small bowl, zest and juice the orange
  2. Add Honey (and cardamom if your using it) and mix to combine
  3. Toss with strawberries or any other fruit and let it sit for about 15 to macerate
  1. Goes great with yogurt, granola, ice cream, lemon poppyseed cookies, on french toast....just about anything!
Live Fit. Love Food.

Orange-Kissed Strawberries - FP


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