arideTires are aired, chain is clean, with an under sized jersey set and extra 30lbs I went on my way.

 I went on my first ride since the MS150 in September. I didn’t know what to expect. I knew I was stronger but since I started my quest for size I had to put some routines on the back burner. One being cycling another was running. I tried mixing the two with my bodybuilding before the mudder. That was fun… mixed with a little over training… very exciting time. Only a shame I wasnt making the progress I wanted. So I started Eating Resting and Lifting, till the seasons would change and the itch would begin yet again. Well… the stars must of aligned because yesterday a “Mudder Brother” asked Mrs. Hess and I to test out a new GPS pod waiting to be released on the market. I was honored, but yet I knew I was going to have to use it. On the other side I knew I needed to start my cardio and to be honest I have been a little hesitant, but waiting for the right moment. Not even 24hrs I found that moment. Today was our first warm, beautiful day and I felt like “sewing my oats and striking while the iron was hot”

I did nothing to warm up, which isn’t new. I went the normal route and like always, I started out way too intense. It doesn’t help that awhile ago I made a Strava segment not even two blocks away from house. The competitive drive came out because last time I was riding I lost the King of the Mountain on my own segment by a 2mph avg. difference. In the cycling world that is a huge gap. I thought If I had been training hard and getting stronger, the new weight shouldn’t be an issue. Boy was I surprised!


Well I tied… but Strava see’s it as KOM. So I will take it till next time around and maybe with a few more hours in the saddle, I will be able to crush that time.

Now I wish I could say the same about the rest of my ride. My 10 miles felt like 40. To use the expression “I was like a fly in cupboard” I started out buzzing really fast then I became slower and slower till I made it home not really recovering like I used too. Which is fine, all my new muscles and my body are not dialed in for burning oxygen. To quote Dr. Lonnie Lowery “I have the VO2 of a Field Mouse” and this is what gives me the itch. I get to condition my engine to use oxygen again. They say “its like riding a bike” sure you never forget how to ride but it does take work to retrain your body back to  maximum efficiency.

I still plan on lifting heavy, which I’ll go into later when I tell you about Doug Young. For now I’m heading to bed to get some much-needed rest.

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