Justin's Peanut Butter Balls

Here it is, my secret weapon to staying fueled on the go. My balls… I know the name doesn’t sound appealing but I think you will like them. First of all, this is the easiest food to prep. It takes no cooking at all unless maybe you want to get fancy like roast some oats, or nuts to crush up or something. This is as basic of a recipe as it can get, yet you get everything you want in a snack. With no preservatives except the ones you might end up putting in, you have the option to keep it raw with a little extra attention to detail.

So grab a mixing bowl and ” D’bling”…it’s time to get your balls.

Note to keep in mind: I like to keep 1cup of oats to 1cup of peanut butter then all my honey or brown rice syrup keeps in portion with whatever else I add in.

Step One: Mix dry Ingredients

Step Two: Mix wet Ingredients

Step Three: Add either more wet or dry ingredients to get a consistency that you can shape into Balls without them falling apart or being too sticky.

Step Four: Wrap you balls and enjoy!

Tip: Keep in the fridge to hold shape and limit moisture sweating. Treat them like a “No Bake Cookie”

List of things I put into my Balls:

DRY:                                                                                                                                 WET:

Quick Oats                                                                                                                    Peanut Butter

Chiai Seeds                                                                                                         Honey/Brown Rice Syrup

Milled Flax Seed Grain

Wheat Bran

Ground Nuts

DRY FRUIT I like to add to the mix:





Side Note: I like to add a little Cinnamon, and sometimes I would put in Whey or Casein. If you do put a protein powder in, remember to keep chilled cause it will spoil. Hope this helps you too find your easy healthy caloric intake.

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