Sweet potatoes are a staple in our house. We rarely go a week without eating them at least a couple times. Not only are they packed with dietary fiber, complex carbs, vitamins A & C, calcium and iron, they taste fantastic! They will keep you full, and provide you with the energy you need to train hard.

There are tons of ways to prepare and use sweet potatos. You can make them sweet or savory, eat them for breakfast, lunch dinner…anytime! My go to savory recipe for sweet potatoes are my Chili Spiced Sweet Potatoes. This is a really easy recipe and I make them as a side dish any time I plan to eat Salsa Chicken, Fish Tacos, Fajitas…you get the picture!

Chili Spiced Sweet Potatoes


  • 3 – 4 Sweet Potatoes
  • Olive Oil
  • Sweet Chili Spice Mix (Save what you don’t use for next time!)
    • 1 T Ancho Chili Powder
    • 1 T Ground Cumin
    • 1 T Ground Coriander
    • 1 T Sucanat (or Xylitol Brown Sugar)
    • 1 T Salt
    • 1 T Ground Cinnamon
    • ½ T Paprika
    • ½ T Black Pepper


Preheat the oven to 450°

Peel the potatoes if you like, but feel free to leave the skin on too. Either way, you will want to next cube the potatoes into little bite-sized cubes. Place the cubes in a large bowl or a large plastic bag.

Sweet Pot - 1

Next, make your spice mix. This recipe makes a lot so be sure and save the rest for the next time!

Sweet Pot - 2

Drizzle some olive oil over the potatoes in the bag. Don’t add too much, just enough to lightly coat the cubes. Then add a tablespoon or so of the spice mix to the bag. Now shake! Let’s not forget to seal the bag…that’s a really fun oversight to deal with.

Sweet Pot - 3

Dump the spiced up taters into a sheet pan and spread them out so they have a better chance of crisping up a little.

Sweet Pot - 4

Bake for a total of about 20 – 30 minutes. Be sure and toss them around a bit every 8-10 minutes for even cooking.

Sweet Pot - 5


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