Mrs. Hess and I just received our latest shipment from They usually put in inserts about varies things and this is one I would like to briefly share about. It reminded me about all the crap people shovel down thinking its healthy. specially after doing some research for a client that ask about PB2 (Powered Peanut Butter) First of all PB2 come on… trade all my healthy fats and calories for sugar and salt. no thank you. If you would like to know more please check out she seems to do here homework and presents it well, a new tool I look forward to using in the future.

It amazes me how many people want to lose weight and they stop eating and then when they do eat they eat stuff like I quote “fat-free yogurt: commonly loaded with sugar, Low-fat Ice cream: contains high fructose corn syrup, fruit drinks: high in calories and sugar, DIET Soda: Often triggers cravings for more sweets. sugar-free chocolate: may cause digestive distress, and fat-free potato chips: cause a spike in blood glucose” hmmm. not getting anywhere with your goals… wonder why! Thank you for that propaganda. I hope they keep it up and other forms of media keep full court press on the corporate dinning industry. everyone wants to lose weight and look like they belong in a magazine. Industries would like to bring us methods of doing so, but the margins must be just right to do so. If you don’t buy it, it must sit on the self for over a year till the next sap snags the lore. That’s what it is a lore, pretty pictures and stated time frames to reach a so-called goal. If they truly want to keep us healthy and a life time customer… why don’t they give us raw, whole foods, or the real deal and advertise that it will take a life time of constant eating of such food to reach and keep our goals. They’d have to be in the farming industry. that’s too much work, risk, nor is it as profitable. When they know everyone is in a hurry to change, and the stock pile of byproducts are so cheap they can make our pallets crave for more. We bite and they sink the hook. They give us zero calories and fill us with carcinogens and chemicals. how is your body suppose to burn fat with out calories to burn or clean nourishment for muscles to grow to burn fat. Well I will say it. They don’t care… it is up to you to care. instead of caring about how you look, how about you first care about what is going into your body and how it makes you feel. Take that challenge and get off your butt and just see what happens. You will be amazed of what you don’t want after you feel how nice it is not to have it. Just like others feel when they truly quit smoking. the taste the smell the health risks are so obvious you never want it in you again!

My rant is over I’m going to bed so I can recover. Thank you again for the hard truth… knowing you do push some supplements which people would be better off buying just food, you are a communities that has our backs.

Stay Strong all and Keep motivated!


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