The last few weeks have been a complete blur, but in the best way possible. Here’s a few highlights of what all happened…

  • We completed making our book and presentation for Meeting #1 in Arkansas that was nearly 70 pages long. When we started the project a week or so before our meeting date, I was anticipating about 20 pages. Needless to say, I did not leave my desk very often and would even get so busy I would forget to stop and eat. That’s just unheard of for me!
  • Meeting # 2 was only a week after the first one, but was all the way in San Francisco! About as soon as we returned from Arkansas, we started on the book and presentation….a much shorter one thank goodness!
  • We flew out to San Fran on Monday and returned on Thursday. What this really means is I got stay in my very own hotel room and get some uninterrupted SLEEP! It was amazing. 


  • We experienced Chinatown on our first night in San Fran where we (my boss, and my co-workers and I)  may or may not have been heading towards our death, a mugging, or at the very least guaranteed food poisoning when we somehow found ourselves following this sweet, little, very persistent old man to his restaurant. According to him, this was the best restaurant in Chinatown. We can’t attest to that statement because we absolutely did not eat there. I wouldn’t even go in. So, so scary. 

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  • My goal to not restrict myself from any type of food while in San Fran was incredibly easy to accomplish. I ate whatever I wanted in copious amounts and didn’t think twice about it! If you are looking for some great food in the Bay area, I highly recommend E & O Asian Kitchen, and Anchor & Hope. I wish I would have taken some pics but we devoured everything about as soon as it hit our table. 
  • I settled for the hotel gym for my Push Day since they had dumbbells, but decided to venture out to find a better establishment for my Pull Day. I found a great “mom and pop” gym with the friendliest staff and great atmosphere. It’s called Physique Magnifique and its the place to go if your in South San Fran for sure. 
  • Mother’s Day was fantastic. I had my most favorite breakfast in the morning, then I made an Angel Food Cake from scratch for Justin’s mom (it’s her favorite) along with some Orange & Cardamom Strawberries and Whipped Cream…from scratch of course! 


  • My kiddos got me a new sports bra and another pair of my favorite Nike Compression Shorts and Justin got me a Schiek weightlifting belt! I can’t wait to use it! Maybe now I won’t be so scared to squat super heavy. 

schiek belt

  • We took Justin’s mom and grandma out to eat for Mother’s Day dinner. The kids did surprisingly well at a nice restaurant. We may actually consider taking them out more often…then again, maybe not. 🙂 

Mothers Day 2014

  • On the way home from dinner Cohen vomited all over himself while strapped into his car seat. We were about a mile away from the house when this happened. I never imagined the boy could hold so much food in his little belly. The smell was horrendous, and the mess was even worse. I can’t think of a better way to end Mother’s Day than by doing the ultimate motherly task of unstrapping your kid from a carseat covered in vomit. Thank goodness he was wearing a button-down shirt otherwise I probably would have opted for just cutting his shirt off him. Ugh. Gross. 
  • Food Prep! I still managed to prep  our meals before I left for San Fran and on Mother’s Day. I kept it pretty simple to save time though. Baked chicken breasts, green beans, sweet potato and brown rice for Justin’s daytime meals, protein muffins for snacking and pre-workout and some trail mix for my plane rides. I left Justin with a special treat for his dinners while I was gone too…

Chicken Enchiladas

  • The kids always beg to be in the Food Prep photos, but trying to get these two crazies to smile normal and at the same time is next to impossible. Here is last weeks after prep pic…
  • This week’s prep consisted of another batch of baked chicken breasts, green beans and grains, along with chicken salad, sirloin patties, and lots of romaine lettuce and veggies! 

So now things are finally getting back to normal. No more evenings out, adult beverages with dinner, or traveling all day for me. It was really nice to have a change in schedule and to endulge in some amazing food without worrying about hitting my macros, but I’m glad to be home and am already shifting my focus to getting myself ready for our Memorial Weekend float trip (in other words, wearing my bikini in front of actual people). I’m looking forward to the challenge!

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