Its been almost a year since I started my log. May 26, 2012 to be exact.

Justin Log Book

It started as a quest to earn my “man card”. This meant weighing over 200lbs… Well today I weigh 194.4 and that has been the average for over a week now. I’m so close to hitting my goal, the excitement I feel almost matches what I felt as a child trying to fall asleep the night before Christmas. The only difference is when I wake up, I get to enjoy an awesome training session and a day of force feeding myself. To hit my goal I need to hit 200 lbs before May 26 of this year. That would be a gain of 35 lbs, which I knew wasn’t going to be easy going at it clean. To my amazement, I’ve almost done it! I do however have a confession to make… As much as I preach to Mrs. Hess and anyone who will listen about eating clean, I found myself eating at a couple of places this week….One was Culver’s where I like to get Culverized with Cod sandwiches and a chocolate malt, and the other was Braum’s, where I like to get a “BBB” (Braum’s Bag of Burgers) and of course a malt. Could be fighting words, but I do not hold these two establishments the same as Mc D’s, T’ bell or any other fast food joint, which I have not eaten in almost a decade. I will add, Braum’s is where we buy our apples and eggs. As my call to action to be 70s big, I feel like I earn that caloric intake and I feel I need it.

As you can imagine, my big ‘o lunch box is full every day with delicious foods, but this past week it hasn’t been enough. Boy have I been soo hungry! I owe it all to my new training plan. If you have been following, I wrote about my first ride this season ‘The Itch”. That was a great ride, but it also got me thinking about what I was going to do this year. First on the list is hitting my weight goal, which I didn’t see being possible at first, but wanted to try. Now that I have almost hit reached my goal, I need a plan to train for centuries and mud runs plus keep progressing with my size. So I went back to the basics like I have told before, form and function moves in a linear progression. which to tell the truth I probably shouldn’t have stopped my linear progression until I was capped out, but after 12 weeks of heavy lifting, I like to go 12 weeks of bodybuilding routines to keep me motivated, and to keep from over-training. I owe this one to Doug Young which should mold both together.

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Power moves every other session, Squat,Push,Pull, following days aesthetics be it “arm/shoulders”, mainly this is where I will fit my running and cycling, but most important my passion for atlas stones, tires, and my log press, which is almost completed! YEAH… those activates should provide my cardio. It sounds like a lot to tackle. It shouldn’t be if I keep my work balanced with my workouts. See I’m a High Rise Specialist who works 10-12 hour days, my work is often tough and demanding which has helped me in the past keep an intense training schedule.


 So far I’ve been under staffed at work and still completed my prescribed training plus added a 3mile run in. Hope this high will follow the remaining weeks ahead, as long as I eat and rest I should do fine plus yield desired results. Could “bonk” who knows but that is what makes this fun. Pushing the body to the max only to recover and be the old High School philosophy “Bigger, Stronger, Faster”

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