After having Cohen (and as soon as my over-sized boobs were close to normal size again) I decided enough was enough and I had to get in shape. I was beyond sick of seeing the number on the scale hit 160 (sometimes more) and I truly felt awful for letting myself go like I did. So this time I was going to do the actual P90X Lean Routine like I was supposed to and I would make a reasonable effort to follow the meal plan…kind of…not really. I did, however, download the LiveStrong My Plate app to track my caloric intake. I was hugely committed to counting my calories, something I had never done, or even thought to do, before. I only allowed myself 1100 calories a day (approximately 1600 calories if you don’t count my calories burned that day).

I began the program in April 2012 (for real). I committed to waking up every morning at FOUR IN THE MORNING, so I could work out before the kids woke up and had to get ready for work. OMG that was so hard! Even though Phase 1 is supposed to be 4 weeks long, I extended it to 6 weeks. I had to take a break after getting sick with some out of the blue flu-like symptoms. I would later come to understand that my body was just reacting to the exercise and diet change…but that’s a whole other post I’ll save for another time! Then, of course, I needed another week to make sure I was able to complete the workouts with the level of intensity that was intended. I was determined to keep with it. I was not going to quit this time!

If you are familiar with P90X, you know that it is set up in Phases…three in fact. You get a Fitness Guide, Meal Plan, Nutrition Guide, Recipes and 12 DVD Workouts all about an hour each. The program is easy to follow, but super intense…especially for someone who hadn’t participated in any physical activity for an hour straight for more than a decade!

P90X Phases

Although I didn’t look anything like the people I saw in the numerous “before and afters”, I could definitely see that I my body had changed. I dropped 15 pounds and had absolutely ZERO clothes that fit me anymore. Not a bad problem to have! I could actually SEE my muscles again! I finally finished the program and I couldn’t have been more proud of myself.

P90X Timeline

What’s Next for Mrs. Hess…

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