One week down and eleven more to go! I started the week off with a killer leg day that left me so sore, by day three it was hard to sit down. I love that kind of pain though. It’s the kind of pain you’re proud of! I spent some serious quality time with the Rumble Roller to help with the recovery and soreness. I can’t imagine a life without a foam roller. Every single person, whether you spend any time in the gym or not, should have one!

I’m pretty proud of myself for coming up with a series of workouts that kick my ass and have a good flow to them. I’ve already made a few tweaks to a couple of the workouts after getting some constructive criticism from Justin, but other than that, it is turning out to be pretty solid! I’m excited to keep it going!

So here is how the rest of my week looked…

Day 2: Chest, Triceps and Abs

Day 3: Back & Biceps

Day 4: another Leg Day! Woo Hoo!

Day 5: Shoulders and Abs

Day 6: Foam Rolling and Yoga

Day 7: Rest…for real.


Justin suggested that instead of keeping my feet on the ground while doing flat bench flyes, I should raise my knees to ensure that I am isolating my chest muscles. I took his advice and I could really tell a difference!

I left cardio out of the equation this week and will probably leave it out of my schedule again next week because I would like to really concentrate on building muscle. Not doing any cardio is fairly difficult for me though. I LOVE getting outside at lunch time just get away from my desk for a bit and a nice brisk walk or jog really does my sanity some good! There is a definite difference in my overall mood if I don’t do any cardio too. I’m sure there is some sort of cool scientific explanation for that, but I don’t have a clue what it is! ha. I just know that I have a much higher level of patience with the kiddos, the husband and everything in between, when I am consistently hitting the pavement (…or elliptical….or rower).

Each workout took me right at an hour. Not sure how I pulled that one off, but I have to say I’m pretty impressed with myself! The goal was to perform each exercise at about 70% of my max. (Your max would be the amount of weight you would need to perform one rep, and no more than that). And each exercise was performed 3 times with 12 reps and 1 minute rest time in between sets.

I used a lot of what I learned from Jamie to help build the workouts, but I made sure to add exercises that concentrate on improving my weak areas….inner thighs, mid-section and the back of my arms! I’m telling you, if I don’t get rid of this last bit of goo around my mid-section and see a damn six-pack by the end of this thing, I may have to go on a rampage! I know that it IS possible for a woman that has had kids to develop abdominals that have definition, but nothing I have done so far has given me the results I am wanting.

Bench Dip - 1

Bench dips are great for getting rid of those “wings” I love so much!

“Abs are made in the kitchen” they say, well my damn kitchen is as ab friendly as I know to make it, so I’m adding in way more ab workouts to my program this time around. I hope to find the right combination of exercises and food that will get me my defined tummy! I will not give up!

Day 2 and Day 5 Ab Exercises

1 Set, 20 Reps, No Rest

Spider Plank Crunches (Left, then Right equals 1)


Body Ball Pull-Ins

Body Ball Crunches

Air Bike (Left, then Right equals 1)

Lying Leg Raise to Hip Raise

Oblique V-Ups (20 per side)

Weighted Russian Twist (Left, then Right equals 1)

This is a killer ab session. I wasn’t able to complete the entire series without taking a little breather a few times, but the burn was fantastic! Try it out.

Next week, I will repeat what I did this week and for week 3 and 4, I will add a few more exercises to the mix and change up the set/rep goal and incorporate some much needed cardio!

So excited! Can’t wait to continue!

If you want details about each day and the exercises performed, email me at, leave your info on a comment below, or facebook me! I’m happy to share!

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