So it’s been a while since my last recap on training. I’m still at it and loving every minute of it, but life, of course, has me spread me a little thin. Putting our house on the market has been far more time consuming and taxing on my sanity than I ever imagined. I keep a pretty clean household, but nowhere near as clean as it needs to be for strangers to walk through. Not only do I have to keep the toys put away, beds made, dishes done and counters spotless ALL THE TIME, I have to leave work (or wherever I may be) to get the Puggles out of the house when someone is ready to do a walk-through. They are a rambunctious duo for sure, so their absence is completely necessary. Meet Emma (the annoyed one) and Newman (the instigator).


My training sessions in the mornings are my escape. This is my time to focus on me and work on releasing some serious stress. No kids, no worries, just me and my weights….and Justin, but we don’t talk much, I am not a morning talker! haha.

The addition of cardio back in week 3 was a Godsend. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it many times more, running is essential to my sanity. It’s been cold for the majority of the past three weeks, so my running was actually ellipticalling. Yes, I’m making that a word. Cardio indoors is nowhere near as enjoyable as running outside, but neither is freezing my ass off. I hate being cold, so the elliptical sessions were just fine with me.

I increased the weight and decreased my reps slightly in weeks 3 and 4. I ‘m still trying to build as much as I can before I really get after the HIIT in a few weeks. This stage is always hard on me, not because it’s intense, but because I gain weight. I know in my head that it’s muscle, not fat, that I’m gaining but I just can’t seem to get over the number on the scale going up. The old mentality that the less I weigh, the better I am, has been a difficult  mentality to overcome.

Mind over Matter

I was having and especially depressing “fat day” in week 4, when I was explaining this to Justin his solution was to perform a pinch test on me. To any man out there, if your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother ANY female in your life is having a “fat day”, you should not expect to cheer her up by asking if you can pinch her fat rolls with a body fat caliper. I do believe it will cause a far greater negative response than you ever expected. Despite my objections, I let him do it and even though he was right (I was not getting fatter) it still didn’t improve my mood.

Despite my issues with the weight gain, I will not stray from my plan. I will continue to build for another 4 weeks; increasing the weights and decreasing the reps even more. I have also decided to throw in some cleans and presses on my Shoulder days to add some variety to my week. I tried this compound move for the first time last week and I was a little nervous at first. Justin was out of town and I was unsure of how much weight I should safely attempt to lift. I ended up starting out with 65 lbs and my plan was to  perform 3 sets of 10. The weight was light enough for me to concentrate of my form so I wouldn’t hurt myself, but the reps were a bit ambitious for my first time. These moves really take it out of you, but they are super fun and I can’t wait until tomorrow morning to do them again.

During this last week, week 5, I threw in some supersets and switched up the muscle groups I work on each day. Supersets are when you perform one exercise immediately after another, without stopping. If your a newbie to supersets, these will really test your endurance, but once you get the hang of it, you will find that they are pretty fun. You can work the same muscle in both exercises or work two different muscles; the choice is yours.

The next 4 weeks will look something like this…

Monday: Legs

Tuesday: Chest, Abs & Cardio

Wednesday: Back & Cardio

Thursday: Legs

Friday: Biceps, Triceps, Abs & Cardio

Saturday: Shoulders & Cardio

Sunday: Yoga or Rest

My second leg day is drastically different than it has been in the past few weeks. I am desperate to get rid of that annoying inner thigh jiggle, so I put some serious concentration on movements that will really blast this problem area like Barbell Lunges, Thigh Adductor, Thigh Abductor and one of my favorites…Body Ball Pull-ins.  And to change it up even more, I put my squats and really heavy lifting at the end of my workout instead of the beginning. This was challenging, but I loved it.


Until my next window of opportunity to recap my workouts presents itself….

I will continue to tell myself that my weight gain means I’m gaining muscle and gaining muscle means burning more fat.

I will ignore the number on the scale and concentrate all my energy on building more lean muscle. 

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