With my log in one hand and a bodybuilding routine I made up in the other, I started my first true training day May 26, 2012. Then again “cart in front of the horse”. I was trying to be a “pump monkey”  and get no results so I needed to build a foundation.  Oh this is where it started… Mark Rippetoe’ 20 rep Squat Program.

The Original 20 Rep Squat Program-1

The Original 20 Rep Squat Program-2


This was a six week program and if done right you will gain quality mass and strength plus the last day you might even see Jesus… or see what you ate earlier. I have never had to dig down so deep to finish something in my life. I even had to stop all other activities including training for the Mudder with my wife just because I needed more rest for the next day of lifting. I was a little sad about that because I wasn’t a runner and was making great progress with it. Then on the other hand I was training with Elisha who started running and kicking butt training for the Mudder. That really excited me. Watching her meet her goals helped me earn mine. I have to say I enjoy having my new training partner. This was a start of something new for us to do together where we used to not share a physical fit outlet. Luckily it was only for the last 3 weeks of the six I had to put my bike down and not run or train. Eat, Rest, and Lift was all I could do.  I dare you to take the squat challange, you will find out real quick what you are made of. This will get your T levels up in a hurry and if you do try it take the time to read Rippetoe’ book Starting Strenght and learn how to properly squat.

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