We are strong believers in Sunday Food Prep. If anything has helped me (especially) stay committed to a specific meal plan, it’s having prepared meals available at all times. This makes it so much easier to avoid all those temptations we see everywhere we turn. I typically do my grocery shopping on Fridays after work (BEFORE the kids are picked up from the sitters!) or on Saturday morning after my workout and breakfast.

I fully prepare as much as I possibly can on Sunday. If a meal is better off being made fresh (i.e. Dinner), then I make sure I have everything chopped up, trimmed and ready to go so I can quickly and efficiently get food on the table by 6 – 630 pm. This at least gives us some glimmer of hope that we can get the kids to bed by 8 and have an hour or so to ourselves. We love 8  o’clock, not gonna lie!

My iPad, which is a fairly new addition to our family, is key to organizing our meals. I’m sure a pen and paper would work just fine too, but c’mon! Throughout the week, I make a list in the Reminders app of all the meals I need to prepare for the following week and all the things I need to pick up at the store to make them. This gives me all week to daydream about all the things I want to eat or what sort of scheduling obstacles I need to work around food wise. By Friday, I usually have a pretty complete list, but I always end up at the store once or twice more throughout the week. It never fails!

I try to keep some variety in the mix so we don’t get bored and we always have whole wheat bread, natural peanut butter and honey on hand for when the kids look at me like i’m crazy for thinking they will eat what we have set in front of them!

If you have any questions about anything regarding our meal plans or food choices, we are happy to answer them. Links to the recipes are available if you see something you just gotta try!


Sunday Food Prep 02.17.13

This week will be a it of a challenge. Justin is supposed to go out of town for part of this week, but hasn’t been feeling well, so my meal planning and food prep might not be as perfect as I had intended. If he stays home, we may have to get creative a couple nights this week!

Breakfasts and Daytime Meals

Dinners (Meal 5)

Sunday: Roasted Chicken with Carrots, Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Sweet Potato Mash

  • Chop onions, celery and carrots
  • Clean, trim and cut in half all the sprouts
  • Peel and cube sweet potatoes

Monday: Zucchini Lasagna

  • Fully construct the lasagna so you can just pop it into the oven when on the night you’re ready to eat it

Tuesday: Turkey Joe’s with Sweet Potatoes

  • Chop onions, carrots, celery and garlic
  • Mix ingredients for the sauce

Friday: Pizza!

  • Prepare the cauliflower “rice”
  • Chop all the toppings that need it
  • Prepare the whoel wheat pizza dough on Thursday night or Firday at lunch

Saturday: Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Cauliflower Mashed “Potatoes” and Green Beans

  • Chop cauliflower
  • Chop green beans
  • Trim and season tenderloins

When Justin is out of town, the kids and I just eat leftovers or I make a dinner that involves wrapping something up in a whole wheat tortilla or peanut butter….whatever is quicker and easier than usual!

The chicken leftover from the beautiful bird we roasted tonight was used to make the chicken salad we listed for a daytime meal. Yum! Typically, all of our dinners have leftovers, Justin usually saves those to add on to the daytime meals I have planned since he requires a bit more food to stay fueled throughout the day.

Until next Sunday….happy eating!

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