Sunday Food Prep 02.24.13

It’s off to the Capitol for Justin again, so food prep this week will all need to be completed today. No worries though, I’ve got everything I need, all my lists and all my recipes ready to go! The first thing I do is get everything onto my little food prep island.

Fod Prep Island

This looks a bit overwhelming at first, but all it takes is a little  mise en plas to tame this beast.

Justin’s job often has him spending an entire week away, so he has 2-3 ice chests he fills to the brim with food that I make and freeze in mason jars (per his request). Everything planned for this week freezes well and is fairly easy for him to grab and go…he is always on the go! Luckily, we still had some leftover beef stew, stir fry and roast turkey in the freezer from a few weeks ago for Justin to take with him as well.

Breakfasts and Daytime (Meals 1-4)

Dinners (Meal 5)

Sunday: BBQ Beans and Collard Greens with Whole Wheat Cornbread

Monday – Thursday

Like always, when Justin is gone, momma’s on strike when it comes to cooking anything that takes more than 5 minutes to throw together! So, the kids and I will eat leftovers, eggs and veggies, or whatever else we can find in the house.

Friday – Saturday

I usually decide what’s on the dinner menu for these days when I’m making my shopping list for next week’s food. Friday is usually whole wheat pizza and/or cauliflower crust pizza and Saturday is usually a day I ask Justin what he’s been craving lately.

Although I spent a good portion of my day chopping, stirring, seasoning and tasting, I still had time to play outside with the kiddos, finish my last workout of the Jamie Eason LiveFit program (Woo Hoo!) and even take part in a photo shoot to document my progress. A busy day but I will certainly chalk this one up as a huge success!

Until next Sunday….happy eating!

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