I don’t know what I would do without my iPad. I haven’t had it for long, and I am still learning how to harness it’s true power, but I have the basics down at least. The Reminder app is one that I use every day. I use it to make my shopping list throughout the week and food prep list for for Sundays.

Every Sunday, the first thing I do after breakfast with the fam is open my Things to Cook list. I’m amazed at how this simple little list keeps me on pace during Sunday food prep. If you don’t have an iPad or other tablet, that’s okay, I suppose a written list will do, it’s just not as fun! This helps tremendously cut down the stress of an hours long cooking spree and should be a part of everyone’s mise en place.

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Breakfasts and Daytime (Meals 1-4)

Dinners (Meal 5)


Pizza Friday! I made the usual Whole wheat pizza dough for Justin and the kids and I had a Cauliflower crust pizza topped with onions, red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, chicken, prosciutto, mushrooms and a Greek vinaigrette. Oh, and feta cheese of course.


Since last week was such a disappointment as far as breakfast food was concerned, I figure I better stick with something I knew was going to be good and would make the kiddos and Justin excited to eat breakfast again. Bacon always makes them happy, so naturally, I had to make some. The scrambled eggs and Coconut Flour pancakes were a big hit too. I’m always a little worried Mak will turn her nose up to these pancakes because they are so much darker than normal ones, but she loves them. If she can tell a difference, she hasn’t said anything yet, and I don’t dare ask! Why ruin a good thing, right?!

Paleo Breakfast

I was still in redemption mode, so I tackled fish tacos again for dinner. Fish tacos were by far one of our favorite dinners, but since I’ve said my goodbye’s to fried food, I have yet to find that same kind of love for them. There is just something about a good piece of fish coated in crispy, golden panko bread crumbs. ugh. Fried food….you are evil. So, since baking the fish coated in panko last weekend produced some terribly disappointing, soggy, far from golden, overcooked fish, I decided to never try it again and went with a blackened fish instead. I have to say, it was pretty damn good! Accompanied by my killer Chipotle “Cream” Sauce, Honey-Cumin Slaw and Chili Spiced Sweet Potatoes, redemption was achieved!

Fish Tacos


Justin asked for Whole Wheat Waffles for breakfast this morning, the man loves waffles. I’ve been experimenting with Almond Four and Coconut Flour so much lately, it had been a really long time since I made him a Waffle he was used to. He enjoyed it so much I had to ask him to stop making those “mmmmm” noises as he ate. The bacon and scrambled eggs with a modge-podge of leftover veggies mixed in were pretty tasty too.

Dinner was another special request of Justin’s…Chili. I wanted to resist, but the weather being as awful as it is and his job requiring him to work outside IN IT, I figured I should be a good wife and make him some warm, hearty comfort food for those cold days to come. I change things up with my chili recipe every time I make it, one thing that does remain the same is it takes me just about all damn day to make it. A good chili has many layers of flavor, and to achieve those flavorful layers, you have have patience and really huge stock pot. It’s impossible for me to make a small batch of chili, so even though this stock pot of goodness cost me about $40 to make, it should provide Justin with at least a couple week’s worth of lunches. That’s a win in my book.

Monday & Tuesday

Zucchini Lasagna. I had an aha! moment this weekend and decided to split my usual very large lasagna into two smaller ones. Genius, I know. ha. So I stuck one in the fridge for tomorrow and the other in the freezer to be used at a later date.


Steak with Japanese Sweet Potatoes and Steamed Broccoli. Justin must be having withdrawals from red meat because he sure has requested it a lot this week! Wednesday will be steak night. I seriously doubt the weather will be conducive for grilling out, but we can still hope! Good grief I can’t wait for warm weather. I miss our grill soooooo much.


Chicken Quesadillas. We will make use of the leftover Salsa Chicken to make our quesadillas once again. These things never get old!

So here we are, with the aftermath of Sunday Food Prep Day!

Sunday Food Prep 032413

Until next week…Enjoy!

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