What a beautiful weekend! The sun was shining and we were actually able to get outside and play for a change. We even did a little gardening.

Herb Garden

I couldn’t prep the food fast enough on Sunday, but sunny weather or not, it had to be done. I’m on my last week of the 100k Challenge and what I eat matters far more now than how I spend my time in the gym. One more week of plain ‘ol chicken breast, green beans and a painfully miniscule amount of carbs for me. 

SACRIFICE: Giving up something that matters for something that matters more.

We still have quite a bit of healthy food options saved up in the freezer for Justin. Thank goodness too because I love to taste-test all the yummy carb-heavy food I typically make for him. I’ll take all the help I can get, because when I’m home, and especially when I’m cooking, temptations are everywhere! So he will have either Red Beans and Brown Rice or Farfalle, Sausage, Cannellini and Kale to supplement the rest of the food I made this weekend. 

What I Prepped:

  • Banana Berry Protein Muffins (No Sucanat this week, just Stevia)
  • Baked Chicken Breasts
  • Green Beans
  • Ground Sirloin Patties (On the Grill!)
  • Julienne Vegetable Mix: Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Red Onions and Red Peppers
  • Brown Rice (For my high-carb at home Sushi night!)

Julienned Veggies

Now, when I say I’m only taking in a small amount of carbs, I mean a very small amount….80 grams. To put this into perspective, a ½ cup (dry) of oats has 28 grams of carbohydrates, 1 cup of green beans has 7g, and a serving of peanut butter (2 T) has 6g. That’s not even close to a days worth of meals and your carb intake is already half way gone! I’m not doing this every day though. Once a week I allow myself a high carb day where I take in around 200 grams of carbs. There is a bunch of scientific reasoning for cycling carbs, but I suppose the simplest way to explain what it does for you is that it helps you burn fat quickly without eating away at all your hard earned muscle. Jamie Eason explains this pretty simply in her Phase 3 Nutrition overview. I also like this article Carb Cycling 101, written by Chris Powell, trainer on the ABC show Extreme Weight Loss

My typical low-carb day looks something like this. I use MyFitnessPal.com to help me keep track of my macros (notice I said MACROS, not calories!). This is also where I enter in all my recipes to determine nutritional value. It’s not perfect, but still a very useful tool. 

Printable Nutrition Report for ElishahessNote: I do not eat all this food in 3 settings. I spread it out every 2-3 hours starting at 4 AM to about 9 PM when I go to bed!

I’m no expert in weight loss, nor do I think I have this whole “cutting phase” figured out. What I do know, is how that through trial and error, one of these days, I will figure it out! Until then, I will just have to be patient and keep moving forward.


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