I know I’m not alone when I admit that I struggle with eating on the weekends. Why I don’t prep enough food to last me all seven days of the week is beyond me! Temptations are everywhere and they were in full force this weekend. Justin and I had a birthday party/bonfire to attend during the day on Saturday (Happy birthday Dan!) and dinner with another couple we haven’t seen in ages. We celebrated the reunion over tacos and margaritas.

I did my best to prepare myself for the day knowing full well I will be taking my “after” photos for the 100k Challenge this week. I had all sorts of polite answers planned out to use when I needed to pass up any of the food offerings. During the day, I actually did well. I only had one serving of the spinach artichoke dip I prepared for the party with a handfull of tortilla chips, and an eyeballed 4 ounces of smoked pork that was beyond yummy. I wanted so much more! I almost went overboard on the dessert though. I think it was a manderine orange and chocolate drizzled cheesecake or something? Whatever it was it was so, so…..so good. (Marcy, you are truly talented!) Luckily Justin was standing next to me when I was handed the plate and was only able to shovel in one bite…and then I stole another teeny-tiny bite before he left the room with both our plates. 

Our evening shindig went the complete opposite of course. I was so tired, we both were. We actually stopped and got Starbucks on our way at 5 PM. Coffee that late in the day is never a good idea! So we get to our taco party with my guacamole, another bag of tortilla chips and Starbucks. It’s as if the mere sight of margaritas and salsa just set off a trigger inside me to dive in head first! The number of chips I ate…unknown. The amount of guacamole and salsa consumed…I’m not telling! On a positive note, I skipped the taco shells and sour cream and drank only one margarita. Oh, and the taco filling was chicken. Score! 

I feel a little guilty for my inability to control myslef, but really, I would do it again. We had so much fun, actually got to hang out with adults all day long, laugh and let loose as a couple. Oh and to top it all off, the evening festivities were actualy held at the very same house where Justin and I met for the first time, so it was a perfect way to look back and reflect on our lives together. It was a pretty special experience being in the very home where we met, ended up moving in to and starting our family in.

Here’s a few OLD pics from when we lived at the taco party house…some of these are just comical! Oh how so many things have changed since then!

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So that was way off the subject of food prep! It had to be done though. It’s always good to remember where you were and where you are now. A little perspective never hurt anyone!

Getting back on topic now…Here’s what I made for us to eat this week.

With a little help from my director, I think I was able to get a few good shots of all the food (which only took me about 2.5 hours to make yesterday! I’m getting good!)

Cohen DOP 

 SFP 040714 CoCo

Happy eating everyone. Have a great week! And let loose every now and again. Diet or no diet, photo shoot or no photo shoot…don’t get so caught up in your journey that you forget to look up and enjoy the rest of what life has to offer. You’ll be surprised what a little endulgence can do to your mood and motivation!


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