We had  very busy weekend…Easter came early! Justin’s brother, along with his wife and three adorable girls moved all the way to South Carolina a few months ago, so when we heard they were coming to visit we hopped on the chance (haha, get it) to have a big Easter party and egg hunt. We miss these guys so much!

Like hearding cats trying to get a group photo! Cohen took advantage of the photo op by starting his egg hunt before everyone else!

Cohen took advantage of the photo op by starting his egg hunt before everyone else!

I love, love, love cooking for a crowd so I volunteered to make the Easter feast. I’m sure everyone worries just a little bit that I will make all “health” food, but I do my best to compromise! Everyone totally noticed that I made my scratch Parker House Rolls with whole wheat instead of white though. But, in my defense, I also made things like spinach-artichoke dip and cupcakes. I had my sister-in-law believing that I actually made the spinach dip with protein powder instead of cheese. lol. Wouldn’t that be nice if it were possible! 

I took the Saturday lunch as an opportunity to work in some food prep. I made a huge smoked ham and tons of veggies to go on the side. Here’s the full menu (and you can bet I ate a little bit of everything on here!) I admit, I did sub in healthy/clean items where I could, but really, this was an all-out cheat meal and I loved every second of it!

Spin Dip - Final The Ham

We had plenty of leftovers so one of Justin’s meals are taken care of and so are some dinners for the kids. All that was left for my actual Sunday food prepping was…

No protein muffins you say? Of course there were protein muffins! I can’t go a week without those! Since I’m still cycling my carbs, I have plenty muffins left over from last week. 

An early Easter party was just what I needed after the 100k Challenge (see how I did here). It couldn’t have been more perfect timing. For those of you who haven’t had Easter yet, I hope you have a good one! Enjoy yourself, eat what you want, then get back to business the next day. 

 The two coolest Easter Bunnies ever! Love my Mak n Coco!

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