The roles will reverse this week in the Hess household…I will be the one that is out of town instead of Justin! It’s a rare occasion I actually get to leave the area, but duty calls and I will be off to California for a couple days. I’m excited for the opportunity to travel, but somewhat unsure of how I’m going to pull this off without completely going overboard on the food cheats. I don’t have one of those cool Six Pack Bags to take along with me and for sure will not be lugging an ice chest along with me for the plane ride. I’m not even sure that’s allowed?? So taking clean food options with me will be pretty difficult. 

Normally, I would be concerned about not leaving enough food options here at home for Justin and the kids, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got them covered and then some. I may have gone a bit overboard actually. I think I made enough food to last us two weeks. I’m just hoping none of this food goes to waste!

Daytime Meal Options


Justin wanted kale, but not as a “chip”, so I did some research and found this really good recipe on I made a huge double batch so we could eat on the leftovers for a few days. To our amazement, the kids actually ate it too! I think it was the farfalle (little bow-ties) that got them hooked, but they took a few bites of all the other ingredients too. 

Kale Pasta


Makenna asked for Sausage Cheese Balls every morning last week, so that’s what we had for our breakfast….with plenty left over for her and the boys to eat all week. No breakfast can be had at our house without some eggs, so scrambled eggs with chives were served as well. For lunch we all had another helping of the kale dish from the Friday. Dinner was another new recipe I found on Pinterest that I’ve been dying to try…Pork Carnitas. I’ve made carnitas before, but the way they were prepared in this recipe looked interesting. They were pretty tasty! I made some creamy guacamole and chili-spiced sweet potatoes and shredded up some lettuce to make carnita salads. Yum. 

Pork Carnitas


For some reason no one showed any interest in the bananas I bought last week so I had tons of very ripe bananas that I just didn’t have the heart to throw away. I dug around in the fridge and found some strawberries that needed to be used and in the freezer was about a cup left of frozen blueberries. What resulted was my Banana Berry Protein Muffins. These were a total throw together and see what happens sort of recipe, so I told myself not to be upset if they tasted like ass. I even warmed up some sausage balls just in case. haha. To my delight, they were really good! I might have to get this one on the site pretty soon. 

Banana Berry Muffins

For lunch we had carnitas salad again and dinner was a repeat of last Sunday…Asian Barbecued Chicken with Vegetable and Soba Noodle Salad. This made 7 extra servings so we will for sure be enjoying this all week. 

What’s on the dinner menu for the rest of the week…


Rosemary-Mustard Pork with Peaches and maybe some broccoli and sweet potatoes, or maybe just a nice simple salad. We’ll play this one by ear. 

Tuesday – Wednesday

Justin and the kids are on their own, but from the looks of our fridge, they should have plenty to choose from! I, on the other hand, will be having sushi in San Bruno!


I’m home! Baked Spinach and Artichoke Chicken is for dinner. I’m hoping this will help me get beyond my recent cravings for spinach dip. Fingers crossed!

This week will be crazy, but I’m looking forward to the change in pace and the opportunity to see California for the first time! I’m going to miss Justin and the kids, but at least I can leave knowing they will be well fed. 

Until next week, happy eating!


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