Happy Mother’s Day! I’ll keep this one short and sweet because I am taking this Mother’s Day thing serious and being as lazy as I possibly can today. For the exception of Cohen waking me up at 5 AM this morning, it has been a glorious day. The kids were pretty well behaved, Justin kept the house as tidy as the kiddos would allow and I got to see one of my very best friends from college today. Lauren, her super cute little girl Laney and her hubby Scott (who has lost over 50 lbs recently…great job Scott!) stopped by on their way back to Oklahoma. It has been about a year and half since we’ve seen each other and it really helped make this day perfect. 

I have such a great family and they made me feel so loved and appreciated. Love you guys!!!

If you can’t tell, getting a good picture out of our family is like catching a leprechaun. One of these days, I really hope it happens! 

Daytime Meal Options


We finally got to have that Zucchini Lasagna I made during last Sunday’s food prep. It was such an easy fix too. All I had to do was pull it out of the freezer to thaw for a bit, then pop it in the oven. Can’t ask for anything better than that. 


I moved all my prepping to Saturday so I could do as little as possible on Mother’s Day, so breakfast was quick…sausage balls and scrambled eggs. Lunch was an every man for himself kind of deal so we all picked a leftover item and went about our day. Dinner was a big hit. We had another Taco Salad night with Creamy Guacamole and chips. Yes, I said chips. It happens! Cohen ate the guacamole like it was yogurt, and I added a bit more spice to my taco mix so I was in heaven….Justin, not so much. I figured since it’s my holiday, I could get away with making the tacos the way I really wanted them for once. I really with my family enjoyed the heat like I do. Sigh…a girl can dream. 


Although Justin offered, I made breakfast anyways. This was a complete guilty pleasure too. English Muffins (I used the Food For Life Whole Grain Sprouted Wheat English Muffins for the first time and they were sooooo good!) topped with fig preserves, brie, a slice of prosciutto and a sunny side up egg. Holy &#$@, this is my heaven.  I was so ready to tear into these that I totally forgot to snap a pic. Oops. Maybe next time! 

Lunch was a repeat of Taco Salad and guacamole and dinner was a fresh batch of Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Monday – Wednesday

Between the Chicken Salad, Turkey Skinikopita, and Lettuce Wraps, we have plenty of food to keep us occupied for dinners this week. Plus, we will be busy packing, so a nice week of leftovers will really help keep us on track.


I’ve got everything prepped and ready to cook for some Chicken Fajitas! I haven’t made these in  a while and can’t wait to eat them!

So my day of doing as little as possible is almost over. I feel so relaxed and rested, but I am definitely ready to hit the ground running tomorrow!

Until next week, happy eating!

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