I have no idea where this weekend has gone. I need more time! The kids were off to grandma’s for a few hours today, so Justin and I took full advantage and headed off to Springfield to eat some sushi and mill around the mall for a bit. It was a great day. We really needed the time to ourselves, so thank you Sunshine for stealing our kiddos! 

There was only a little to prep today because I was feeling cheffy yesterday and got most of it done before dinner. I’m so glad too, there is just no way I could have gotten it all done today! 

Daytime Meal Options


Friday was crazy. I had a meeting in Arkansas that didn’t let out until 3:30, but luckily I had some Zucchini Lasagna frozen from the previous week. I made it back in time to catch the end of Mak’s gymnastics class and home for the yummy dinner Justin threw in the oven with absolute precision. 


I was missing my Coconut Flour pancakes I have grown so fond of, so I made a huge batch along with some bacon and eggs. For lunch, we decided to fire up the grill and enjoy some super juicy steak burgers. We needed to grill the chicken for the pasta salad anyways so it worked out perfectly. I only ate half the bun even though I wanted to whole thing, but I still felt like crap afterwards.  Burgers are NOT in my diet right now. For dinner I made some pizza, cauliflower crust for me and whole wheat crust for Justin and kids. I am incapable of making small pizzas, so we will have plenty to eat throughout the week as well.

PizzaMy pizza stone broke about a month ago, so Justin and the kids bought me some new pizza pans to try out. Thanks guys!


Justin and Mak love sausage cheese balls, so I made them, again. They are pretty damn good, what else would you expect from a meatball made of sausage, cheese and biscuit mix?! For lunch, we had sushi. I once again, forgot to snap a photo of my favorite treat that is raw fish and rice, but apparently I was so excited when I saw it that I forgot. Maybe next time!

Before we left for sushi, I marinated a flank steak in fresh squeezed lime juice, cilantro, garlic, Worcestershire and spices for us to throw on the grill for dinner.  To go along with, we skewered some onions, poblanos, and scallions. It was fantastic over a bed of lettuce and guacamole and salsa garnishes. 



We like our steaks on the rare side if you can’t tell. Yum!

Monday – Thursday

We will have our choice between Spaghetti Sqaush and Red Sauce, Pizza and leftover steak from Sunday to eat. Not a bad selection if I say so myself!

After a weekend of filling up on all the wrong things, I am really ready to get back to the program. My goal is to not cheat for whole week. Wish me luck…I will certainly need it. 


I totally blame the purchase and consumption of this evil little thing on Justin and Donald Trump. I will not take responsibility for this nonsense! ;0)

Until next week, happy eating!

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