My entire weekend was one big cooking marathon. We celebrated Cohen’s 2nd birthday on Saturday. (It’s hard to believe our little man is growing up so fast!) For the party we had lunch and played outside in the blistering heat until we could no longer stand it. We bought a kiddie pool and a slip-n-slide for the kids to play on and made plenty of food to keep the adults busy too.

I really thought I went way overboard on the amount of food I made, but I didn’t mind because that meant I could skip my normal Sunday Food Prep and Justin and I could just eat the leftovers for weekly meals! It sounded like a perfect plan at the time, but I never expected the turn-out we had. We were overwhelmed by the amount of family and friends that showed up to wish our little man a happy birthday and see our new home. We had family in from Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma parts of Missouri that are over 150 miles away. Wow. We are eternally grateful for our family and friends and if you are reading this…Thank you!! 

The feast I prepared was dwarfed next to the crowd of over 30 people gathered for the party. I hope no one left hungry!? Since it was a party, I decided to provide both healthy and not-so-healthy options for everyone to enjoy. If it looked like it was healthy, it was, if it didn’t, well, then it wasn’t (i.e. cupcakes and strawberry-rhubarb pie). It absolutely killed me to buy evil white flour and granulated sugar at the grocery store, but I did. yuck. I suppose if I had to give in, it should be for my kid’s birthday party, right?

The Menu

I was tempted to make the slider buns for the pork, but I opted for the store bought whole wheat buns to save time, the tortilla chips, ice cream and the kid-friendly BBQ sauce were all store bought as well. I knew I bit off a lot, and even though I get a tad bit stressed out at times, I really love putting in the time, the thought, the energy into making everything perfect for special occasions such as this. 

Out of all that food, we had a few cookies, fruit and pasta leftover….maybe a serving or two of pork and pie…certainly not enough for a whole week of meals for Justin and I for sure. So back to the store I went for an on the fly menu plan! 

Through the exhaustion, I managed to figure out what needed to be done. I think. 

Prepped on Sunday:

This obviously won’t get us through the week, but I just didn’t have it in me to spend several more hours in the kitchen on Sunday. I needed rest! So the plan is to cook a slightly larger dinner each night so we can have the leftovers the next day for our daytime meals. It certainly adds more work for myself during the week, but I don’t think God himself could have peeled me off the couch on Sunday to cook all day again! 


Taco Salad, Creamy Guacamole and Black Beans


Roasted Shrimp with leftover cocktail sauce, roasted yellow squash and zuccini and brown rice.


Spaghetti Squash and Meat Sauce


Finish off all leftovers!

The Hess household is more than ready to get back to our normal boring, everyday, routine. Now that the moving is complete and the birthday party has been had, we may have a shot at getting there soon. Let’s hope anyways! 

Until next week, happy eating!

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