This week has really gotten away from me! We have all been super busy, but in a good way. Between launching a new business, learning Quickbooks on the fly, prepping for meetings and adding some extra training sessions with our Tough Mudder 2013 team, we have very little time to rest and relax. It seems like the kids stay up later and later each night too due to the sun staying up until 9. There just isn’t enough time in the day anymore! 

This week’s food prep was really exciting for me too, so I’m glad I finally get to share what we’ve been eating. Justin and I were both ready for some different flavors, so I took the internet for some inspiration. Everything turned out really tasty. Now, all I have to do is remember how I made everything, so I can build some recipes!

Daily Meal Options:

Southwest Turkey Fruit and Yogurt

Now that it’s Wednesday, I’ll do my best to remember what we ate this weekend. This is going to hurt my brain!


Leftovers are a Godsend. We had some meatsauce, spaghetti squash and whole wheat spaghetti left over from some night last week, so I threw it all in a baking dish, topped it with some mozzarella and baked it in the oven for some Fazoli’s inspired Baked Spaghetti. 


A couple weeks ago, I made a batch of my whole wheat baking mix, so breakfast was a snap. I added a couple eggs and some buttermilk to the mix for a pancake feast! Our usual bacon and eggs were served right there with our fluffy treats too. Lunch wasn’t spectacular, we all pretty much fended for ourselves. The kids had peanut butter and fruit, Justin and I had some leftovers. Can’t let any of that good food go to waste. 

Dinner was exciting. I threw together some fresh baked whole wheat pita bread for a Bobby Flay inspired Tandoori Chicken with Tomato Jam recipe. I went with some grilled zucchini and cilantro yogurt sauce to go along with it. Tandoori Chicken


As promised, I made my favorite breakfast ever so I could take a picture of it….I should really give this breakfast a name, but I’ll have to really sit down and think about it for a while. It must receive a name worthy of it’s yumminess. Cheat Breakfast

For lunch, brace yourself, the kids and Justin had Wendy’s (it happens) and I opted for a leftover taco salad. It was a huge salad, but at least it wasn’t Wendy’s. I was pretty proud of myself for not ordering anything…although I did take a bite of Justin’s burger. (My salad was way better!)

For dinner, I made one of my former favorites, Fish Tacos. It’s a former favorite because I have yet to make my healthy un-fried version as good as my panko-crusted fried in oil Fish Tacos. It’s so sad that fried fish is so good, but sooooo bad. Oh well. 


We had Indian style food on Saturday, Cali on Sunday, so now it was time for some Asian flavors. I chose an Korean style flank steak with grilled scallions and bok choy. I threw some veggies and eggs in with some brown rice as well. This steak was really, really good and super simple to make. Korean Flank


With all the exotic flavors I planned for the week, I thought it would be kind of nice to have some American fare as well. Center cut pork loin chops it is! I did my best to only use plain ole’ salt and pepper on this one, but I couldn’t resist throwing in a little lemon and thyme with our caramelized apples and onions. We had some steamed broccoli and Japanese sweet potato as our sides. Yum.


Leftovers for sure. We have some Tandoori Chicken, Pork Chops, Veggie Rice and tons of BBQ Chicken to get through, so we will have plenty to choose from.


Happy 4th! I purposefully didn’t plan anything for the 4th, because I’m about 99% sure we will grill some sort of meat and veggie combination. I’ll let the man of the house decide what kind of protein tickles his fancy. We’ll decided that when we go stock up on our fireworks!

My apologies for posting my prep so late in the week, but you can be assured, that even though we are crazy busy right now, we are still taking the time to make healthy choices and train hard! 

Until next week, Happy 4th and happy eating! Oh, and happy birthday Sunshine!!! 

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