So I think I am finally getting comfortable in the new kitchen. It’s been a small struggle for me space-wise…I really miss the huge island we had at the old house. The space was just perfect for all my prep work. The new kitchen, although bigger, just doesn’t have the counter space to accommodate my very particular needs.  Fortunately, Justin and I are surrounded by people with a generosity that knows no bounds. A couple of those wonderful people, who shall remain nameless, were kind enough to give us a kitchen island they no longer needed! It is absolutely perfect for our space, and for the first time since we moved in, I really enjoyed my Sunday food prep session. New Food Prep Station

It has enough room to store all of our fruits and veggies that don’t require refrigeration and drawers for all my cutting boards….I love it. I do most of my savory food prep on the island and I use the freed-up counter space in the kitchen for all my baking. Baking Food Prep Station

I haven’t completely gotten used to the new layout of my kitchen, but I’m getting there. At least now I am having fun in my kitchen again. 

Daytime Meal Options

Something about summertime really has me craving fruit and grilled meats, so I planned a week full fruit-filled goodness and put Justin to work on the Weber. 


I channeled Bobby Flay for this spicy chicken dish, Spice Rubbed Chicken with BBQ Pepper, Onions and Pineapples. For the original recipe, click here. I skipped the slaw and added the pineapple and sweet potatoes, but other than that I followed his recipe. We spiced and grilled enough chicken to last us all week as a daily food option. It has been a nice change from the usual Salsa Chicken. Spiced Chicken with BBQ OPP - 2Spiced Chicken with BBQ OPP - 3


Justin and I made one of our favorites, Rosemary-Mustard Pork and Peaches for Monday’s dinner. I usually make this indoors on the stove, but we thought we would try it out on the grill…fan-tastic! Pork and Peaches w


Our fruit cravings continued with Tuesday’s dinner of Shrimp Tacos and Mango Slaw. I threw together some guacamole as a side, and hoped for the best. I’m usually not a fan of mango, but this stuff was really good. Very quick and easy to make as well. We are definitely going to have this again soon. Find the recipe here, but if you try it out, be sure and substitute the mayo and sugar with clean options like Greek yogurt and honey. 


The plan was to have the leftover Pork and Peaches, but the kids and I will have to improvise since somebody took every last bit of it with them to work out of town. The kids and I may be stuck with fruit and peanut butter for dinner because all our other dinner options are in the freezer. 


The roles will switch for Thursday, Justin will be home and I will be out of town for work! This means a quick and easy dinner option…Zucchini Lasagna. It happens to be frozen solid in our freezer right now, but by tomorrow it should be thawed and ready for the hubby to pop in the oven for him and the kids. 

Until next week, happy eating!

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