I’m not sure what happened this weekend during my meal planning and shopping, but I ended up making enough food to feed an army. There’s so much prepped food in the fridge that even Justin seemed a bit overwhelmed. I had to remind him that it is in fact not a contest to see how much food we can eat in a week and that we do have a freezer that stores food quite nicely. My next food prep session should be a breeze!

Justin put in a special request for fattier foods, red meat and more green stuff for meal options over the next several weeks. Of course, having the genetic make-up that he does, the guy can eat these fattier foods all day and still not get fat, but whatever, I’m not bitter. His argument to me is that fat is needed in your diet in order to burn fat. I completely agree, but that’s only part of the equation…Eating a high fat diet will only allow you to burn more fat and gain lean muscle if you significantly decrease, or completely cut out, your carb intake. I like my carbs. They keep me sane and they taste damn good. So, although I am going to give him his precious BEEF more often, I’m really going to have to show some restraint, or I am going to blow up like a balloon. Sunday Food Prep 072113

Daytime Meal Options


The kids were at Sunshine’s, so Justin and I spent the day shopping and being a couple! It was fantastic and very refreshing. We were on a mission to complete school clothes shopping for Makenna, walk around the Farmer’s Market, hit all of our usual grocery stops and go on a date! We started the day off by sleeping in until 7 because we were both pretty excited about our Leg workouts. After our hour long sessions, we threw together some bacon and eggs for breakfast and got ready to head into town. The Farmer’s Market was amazing.  We never get to go because we always have the kids with us. We were tempted to try a fresh made pizza from one of the booths at the market, but didn’t feel like waiting in line, so we headed to the mall hungry. And wouldn’t ya know…there’s is a Five Guys next to the mall now. Why I suggested we should eat there is beyond me, I guess I was trying to be a good wife and feed my husband some fatty red meat. Sooooo, not the right way to go about doing this, but what the heck, it’s okay to go crazy every once in a while. I immediately regretted eating there, my body just isn’t used to consuming that level of nonsense anymore….but it tasted really, really good. 

For dinner and date night, you’ll never guess what we had. Sushi. Yep, and in our usual fashion, we forgot to take a picture of our favorite fare, but I can assure you, it was quite tasty. Way better than Five Guys and it didn’t make my stomach hurt! Always a good thing when consuming raw fish. After dinner, we headed to another nice restaurant for a nightcap and dessert. All in all, you can say our day was a complete success, but an utter failure when it comes to our food choices. When in Rome…


We failed to get all of our food shopping on Saturday, so I woke up early, grabbed a pre-workout bar and headed to the grocery store while Justin was still in bed. By the time I got back home and unpacked everything, half my morning was gone! I’m usually pretty far into my food prepping by this point, so Justin scrambled our breakfast eggs, while I got to work. For lunch, we picked at some leftovers and I cut up some fruit to eat with my Honey-Lemon Yogurt and Lemon Poppyseed Granola. Yum. 

The kids got home around lunchtime and were seriously wound up (from a 24 sugar high I suspect). I put them both down for a nap, but they were having none of that! Cohen was bouncing off the walls, but he was entertained and needed little attention from Justin or I. That’s a win! 

I was surprised the pork butt I started roasted at 1030 finished cooking in time for dinner so everyone but Cohen (who was passed at in the recliner) sat down for a very tasty pulled pork, skinny slaw and chicken and vegetable pasta salad. 


For some reason, my appetite was non-existent, so I fed the kids some peanut butter and honey sandwiches with fruit and carrots at dinner time. By 8 PM, I decided I needed to make myself eat something so I made myself some eggs. Exciting, I know. 


Leftover pork and skinny slaw for all!


We liked the Shrimp Tacos with Mango Slaw recipe from last week so much that we are having it again as soon as Justin gets back home. I can’t wait! 


Zucchini Lasagna. I completely forgot to thaw this puppy for Justin and the kids last week when I went out of town, so it’s still sitting in the freezer waiting patiently to be eaten. =0)

After traveling for work and our weekend shenanigans, I am ready for some good, clean food. Here’s to eating well again! Until next week, happy eating!

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