It was one of those days in my kitchen on Sunday. My brain was scattered, I felt like I was just walking around in circles half the time. Forgetting little things left and right, walking back and forth from the fridge to the prep station then back to the pantry or the utensil drawer…ugh. This may be the one downside to having my prep table on the compete opposite side of the kitchen from where I actually keep most of the food. I suppose if I were a half glass full kind of girl, I could say I got in plenty of light cardio! 

The day didn’t start off horribly, I actually felt like quite the rock star because while I was making our Paleo pancake breakfast I began prepping the protein muffins and pre-workout bars. I love mutli-tasking…I should really wear a cape when I do such things. After breakfast, I jumped right in, finishing off the muffins and attempting to get my mise en place set up for all the savory stuff. This is where my brain starts it’s gradual shut down. Grabbing vegetables I didn’t need, forgetting utensils, discovering that some of my vegetables weren’t as fresh as would have liked them, fighting the nasty smell coming from the trash can that wasn’t quite full enough to take out…the list goes on and on.

By 2:30 or so, Justin was even asking how much longer I would be in the kitchen. I’m usually finished by 12:30 – 1:00. Despite my struggles, the spilling of super hot red sauce on the counter (and myself), the long hours on my feet, I finished the prepping with a couple hours to spare before dinner. Thank goodness, grilled steak and veggies were on the menu that night because that meant Justin was cooking. If it would have been left up to me, I probably would have just thrown in the towel and picked up some Chinese takeout!

Daytime Meal Options

Dinner Menu


After our workout and quick scrambled egg and sausage ball breakfast, we dropped the kids off at Sunshine’s and headed back to the Farmer’s Market. We were so impressed with their offerings from the previous week, that we just had to go back and check it out again….this time with a cooler to keep our purchases nice and cold. Justin bought some raw milk (gross, gross and more gross!) and we thought we would see what all the fuss was about and picked up some grass fed t-bones and Italian sausage. 

A co-worker of mine raved about the fire-oven pizzas they offer at the market. They were pretty small, so Justin and I tried a couple different varieties. One was called a breakfast pizza and had red sauce, goat cheese, basil and an egg. The other was fresh roasted red peppers, wild mushrooms and sausage. Both were fantastic and even though the crust was made with evil white flour, it was really thin, crispy and light. We will definitely be back to that little food stand again. For sure!

Grilled Asian BBQ Chicken and a soba noodle salad was on the menu for dinner. This is one of my favorite recipes. It tastes great and there is always tons of leftovers that only get better as they sit. We just shred what’s left of the chicken and BBQ sauce and throw it in with the soba and veggies. Asian BBQ Chicken Dinner


For breakfast I made one of my favorites, Paleo Pancakes! We aren’t Paleo people, but I just love this recipe. They are made with coconut flour and bananas basically. They have a very unique flavor and texture, but most importantly, I can feel a little better about eating pancakes and the kids seem to enjoy them too. Always a win. Paleo Pancakes

Since my prepping was less than stellar, I made the kids some peanut butter sandwiches and Justin heated up some leftovers. I finished off the fruit, yogurt and granola I made last week and got right back to work! For dinner, we grilled the  grass-fed T-bones we bought from the Farmer’s Market and yellow squash from our neighbors garden. For some reason when we have steak, bacon-wrapped jalapenos often end up on our menu as well, so we each enjoyed a couple of those tasty treats. 

Justin and I were both hit with a serious sweet tooth, so I threw together a clean and healthy (in moderation) peach cobbler after dinner, a dish we thank our good friends Marcy and Dan for introducing us to. The fresh peaches are lightly coated in a cinnamon, sucanat mixture and topped with a whole wheat, almond meal “biscuit”. We may have eaten this with a scoop of Blue Bell Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. =0)


We still had some Mango Slaw leftover from Friday’s Shrimp Tacos, so we sauteed some more shrimp and viola… Shrimp Tacos again! YumShrimp Tacos


We eat so much chicken, that I often get bored. I’m always looking for a new, clean, way to experience the protein. I came across this really fantastic looking recipe on I can’t wait to try it out! I plan to steam some broccoli and serve it with the recipes suggestion of cilantro brown rice. 


Even though I spilled half of this piping hot sauce on my counter, I was able to salvage it for a Spaghetti Squash and Crispy Kale night. I roasted the squash and made the kale chips on prep day, so this should be a super quick dinner fix. All I have to do is cook up our grass-fed Italian Sausage and reheat the veg! Kale Chips



Until next week, happy eating!

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