After we had our daughter, Makenna, in 2008, I stuck my toe in the water as far as fitness was concerned. Being a gymnast and cheerleader never warranted any reason for me to work out the conventional way, so I was unsure how to pursue this little adventure. I wasn’t comfortable with fitness centers nor did I have the cash flow to invest in a membership anywhere anyway. So, I started off walking at lunch. Running was out of the question because my old gymnast joints just couldn’t handle the impact. That was my excuse for everything that involved getting off my ass and breaking a sweat! Even at my peak as a gymnast, I hated running. Our coach would make us run around and around the Floor for at least a half hour. It was sooooo boring and all I could think about was how much I hated running!

Anyway….I remember being so proud of myself when I could finally walk 3.5 miles in 45 minutes. I kept this up for a while and even, on occasion (maybe a couple times a week at lunch), did some of the P90X workouts. I would only do the supplemental Cardio workout or the Kenpo because I could actually do them. I was convinced that this would be good enough and the weight would just fall off of me. I was wrong of course. My weight was maintained, but I can’t say that I ever lost a pound!

So you could say I was mildly enthusiastic about getting in shape (at best!), but at that point I was still not ready to commit to any kind of diet or meal plan. After all, I did make dinner from scratch every night with whole/fresh foods, and we rarely ever at anything processed or packaged. I conveniently overlooked all the butter, cream or cheese that was used in my cooking because it was just too good to give up! My portions were equal to the largest amount of food my stomach could hold at the time. I would eat until my heart was content!

By the end of 2010, I was pregnant with our second, Cohen. I kept up the walking once the weather got warm again and walked most weekdays until we had him in June. Justin and I decided long ago that we were stopping at two kids. TWO IS PLENTY! This meant I could no longer use my #2 excuse for not working out…pregnancy.

I was amazed at how few pictures I had of myself after college. The pictures I did find are either taken from the chest up or I’m hiding behind someone else….smiling, but definitely hiding! My progression from high school cheerleader to mother of two is fascinating to me. I almost don’t recognize that person anymore! I was so unaware at the time at how much my life was about to change…

Old Timeline

What’s Next for Mrs. Hess…

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