The squat program was over I gained my first 20lbs and now it was time to see what my new engine could do. I started my Mudder training again plus got on my bike to ride the century loop of the MS 150 which was ruff I won’t lie, but I think it was lack of saddle time not my weight.  I really started to embrace my new strength and wanted to take it as far as I can… it can never get easy. Just slap on another plate on if it does.

Now it was time to run the Mudder.  I went in with confidence because the Jagged Metal Team I trained with including Elisha were battle ready. We pushed our self’s to new limits and I can say with conviction that we took the “bull by the horns”.  Besides the days Elisha gave birth to are little ones I have never been so proud of my wife for making it through such a grueling course injured none the less.

Now I’m in the garage trying to rebuild my motor. I’ve made some atlas stones and working on a log press to try and train to compete in a strongman comp. but for now I’m more on learning form for function on major lifts. I’m up 30lb and looking for my new weight 215lb only 22lbs to go.  I’m not in a rush, it will come. I know I will have to work even harder. If it wasn’t for my devoted Mrs. Hess making sure we have our food prepped and waiting I don’t think I would ever make it. They say to get great mass quickly you have to eat dirty and be lazy, I will argue that if the meal is wholesome and pure you can make gains without sacrifice of losing your abs… I’m living proof that even with digestive issues. I have put on 30lb of almost pure muscle and still have my six pack in almost a year.

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From what I’ve heard Arnold only gained 20lb his first year… My all-time goal is to look like I’m on growth hormones without taking any and keeping the superior feeling of knowing every gram of food or fluids is pure and clean.

Please share any tips you might have or would like to know from me. This sponge will always want to absorb knowledge.

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