Well for those who have been with us on our journeys it has be reached, I conquered my quest to be a grown ass man, yes to quote again “A man isn’t worth a damn under 200lbs” and I made it. not going to lie, took awhile and I’m proud to say I stayed pretty lean too. Not only did I reach 200 but I also made it too 217.  To read past progress on my journey (Click Here) for about us  (Click Here)

The road was long and after I reached 200 I stalled and thought what the hell… then all of a sudden I went straight to 213… now that scared me a little, it was tooth and nails to get to just 200 and then 205, then 213… So I backed off a hair and kept 205 for a little bit then gained the courage to go up to 210-213 by the time I reached 215-217 Elisha had came a long ways and was itching to get on stage to do a bikini Show. Well wait a minute, I was the one wanting to get on stage. So going to the Arnold and Olympia really helped motivate us and that lit a fire under my ass to make it so. Not sure if it was the baby making or her tired of me waking her up as I got ready to go cycle or lift with the bare equipment I had, whatever the case my be, I’m so happy she started her journey too. I feel so blessed to be able to grow with my spouse in something that has such positive impact on so many levels. Plus it helps that we now like the same toys

Started At The Bottom Now We Here!

Started At The Bottom Now We Here!

See I wouldn’t of been able to get where I am today if it wasn’t for Mrs. Hess, when we met I was eating steamed meat and veggies every night in my shoe box loft and by the time we moved into our first home, she had picked up some fancy skills in the kitchen and with that opened my belly to new gains. Of course I had to learn the hard way… Long distance cycling isn’t the way to get big lol. but Squating Dead lifting and Over Head Press is. the 20 rep squat program sure did a good job of building a foundation and discipline to see a training cycle through, and after a bit of writing my own programs and spinning my wheels I recruited the help from Phil Stevens, one of the host of Iron Radio which is the podcast that taught me what I know today. Phil owns Strength Guild in Topeka KS. He prepped me for my first Power Meet. I found the perfect first meet. no singlet and no bench, it was a “CrossFit” total so it was Over Head Press , Dead lift and Squat. My favorite part, if you didn’t take first you didn’t get shit. In this day of age I don’t like the whole everyone is a winner here is your ribbon. I did however walked away with a high sense of accomplishment, because I hit what I wanted to hit a 1100pound total.

Men's 200lbs and Under Class

Men’s 200lbs and Under Class

Men’s 200Lbs and under Class 410 Squat 190Press and a 500pound pull to put me in the club on my first meet! Since then he has trained my squat up to 430 and Dead lift up to 520. I’m stoked to see where he’ll train me to next.

It’s hard sometimes, and it keeps playing over and over in my head what the Dr. Lowery says ” A man who chases two rabbits doesn’t eat”. I know this all too well, cycling and lifting to get big Ha, and I enjoyed power lifting so much I may have taken to it a little longer than I should, to where I should of started my diet a little sooner. but with catching the flu then a cold I’m happy Coach kept me fueled while I could still train heavy, which I enjoy and why I wake at 4:07 every morning to get it done. That’s my me time. I have now learned that I need to be better prepared in the long run to achieve the highest possible gains in ether gaining or cutting. With that in mind I’m still happy with the package we’ve made to stand on stage! ONE MORE WEEK!



Excuse the hair and mess, my progress pictures are taken in the am after training

Excuse the hair and mess, my progress pictures are taken in the early am after training

 The older I get the more I reflect, specially to the point where you can look back on goals set years ahead of time. I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has been in my corner. first to my wife Mrs. Hess, her endless support and her own self drive as kept me motivated through out the years. her ability to put up with me is astonishing! She started dieting way before me, as I was eating fried pork chops and French silk pies, she was eating seared tuna steak on greens. amazing self will! 

Our Coach Phil Stevens, who is the Master Mind behind our training and Macros. he has saved us years of trial and error, his straight talk, no pussy footing around is just what we needed! He jokes that is “give a shit meter is broken” I think that is one of his best qualities.

To save time so I can go train I’m going to finish with, My Mom who has taught me how to work hard and let crap roll off my “duck feathers” and too my new brothers and sisters in Iron, you know who you are. your endless support and brotherhood keeps the drive alive and always a honor to share the platform with you. 

“What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old,
without ever seeing the beauty and strength
        of which his body is capable”
                            Socrates (469-399 BC)   



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