Just finished up a awesome season of cycling and coming down form my high of completing my first Hotter N’ Hell ride which took place in 109 degree weather for 100 miles.

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The winter was coming and I always try to gain weight before my work scheduled hit, cause no matter what, being a High Rise Specialist I always lost 10lbs to the seasons of spring and summer. This was getting old Fluctuating like this because when I lost 10lbs I started getting unhealthy. It was the difference of being 8% fat down to sickly feeling 2%. Sure I was ripped… but looking like a concentration camp member isn’t health in my mind. I looked like one of the amateur bodybuilders with the game they play, who can diet down the most versus pros who go low body fat yet still have MASS… I’ve found out that anyone can be ripped if they starve themselves but having a true sculpted body is what I wanted.See I’ve been lucky to experience a lot of activities and excel at them rapidly. Climbing took a big part of my life. I was eating healthy and climbing ALL THE TIME…. plus help from my metabolism, which is set to high, I’ve stayed really lean.  So I thought how hard should it be too be big and lean, boy did I have lots to learn. I started eating whey protein shakes with apples blended up which moved me to weight gainers, and meal replacement bars, all while lifting weights and cycling all the time.

This is what I came up with… 162lb around 3%BF

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I was Ten pounds lighter then when I started and complaining to my wife that I had symptoms of being sick and this and that hurt all the time. My Physician and Cycling partner explained that I was making my body work harder to process all the protein I have been eating. So enough said EAT MORE!

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