Since I just finished the Jamie Eason LIveFit Trainer on Sunday, I decided it was best to take the week off to really let myself recover. What that really means is I’ll be doing Yoga all week and maybe a bit of cardio on the elliptical at work. It’s difficult for me to actually rest on my rest days. I haven’t quite figured out how to sit still yet. Surely that can’t be a bad problem to have, right?

So I get up at my usual 4:07 am to start my yoga session for the day. I figured I would reach back into my fitness vault and follow Tony along the P90X2 Yoga routine. I had heard the night before that it was supposed to snow, and it did. No biggy, snow is kinda fun, right? About midway through my relaxing routine, I realized that Justin was out of town, which ultimately meant that I would have to shovel all that annoyingly beautiful snow off our driveway before the kids wake up. Suddenly the snow no longer sounded fun to me anymore!

Conveniently enough, Justin has always been IN town when inclement winter weather strikes so I have never had to worry about the shoveling the damn driveway. That’s just one of those things that he takes care of! (Thank you!)

I shook off the disappointment of what was to come and finished the routine, hopped in the shower and got ready for work. When I had nothing left to do but shovel, I threw on my hoodie, sweat pants and Uggs (i don’t own snow boots) and headed out the door. I have to admit, the first couple of scoops down the drive was a bit amusing, but then I realized how long this was going to take me and was surprised at the amount of energy it took to shovel snow! Snow is much heavier than it looks! I knew I was racing against time…the kids almost always wake up right when you need to NOT be awake.

By the time the drive was cleared, I was breathing hard, my heart was racing and was no longer cold. I was pleasantly surprised at the unexpected cardio workout I just experienced. Okay, so maybe shoveling snow isn’t so bad after all. (Not that I want to make a habit of this or anything!)

So, thank you Mr. Hess for all that you do….shoveling snow especially.

Photo Feb 26, 6 37 25 AM

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